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Nick Veasey
Portrait Nick Veasy (Biography)

Nick Veasey was born in Great Britain in 1962. Employing the technology invented by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895, Veasey uses radiographic imaging equipment to advance x-ray into previously uncharted visual territory. Before embarking on his peculiar but rewarding career path, he worked in advertising and design. He developed a strong sense for conceptual imagery, along with a no-nonsense, can-do approach to difficult projects. He has collaborated internationally with scientists to solve challenging imaging issues. Veasey is an artist who pushes boundaries in pursuit of his true calling: exposing inner content in ways inaccessible to the naked eye.

His fascinating, ethereal images have garnered him several prestigious international awards. Veasey's work is shown in galleries worldwide. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has recently added his work to the British National Collection of Photography. Veasey generously contributed to this “Art about Wine” exhibition by x-raying a collection of wine bottles, allowing us to enjoy the amazing shapes and subtleties engendered by his x-ray wizardry.

"Not many photographers need a linear accelerator. But Nick Veasey isn't your average shutterbug. Instead of tweaking f-stops and light boxes, he fine-tunes the speed and frequency of energy pulses emitted by a Russian-made tabletop particle turbocharger." Lucas Graves, Wired

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