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Djawid C. Borower
Portrait Djawid C. Borower (Biography)

Djawid C.Borower was born in 1958 in Cologne, Germany. He now lives in Vienna, Austria, where he paints, writes, and ponders philosophical questions. He studied history and philosophy at the universities of Cologne and Vienna and has written various plays that have been performed on international stages.

From 1988 to 1999 he wrote for the Feuilleton of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Thereafter, he started to transform text into visual art, using original techniques and integrating a variety of figurative elements. Over the years he increasingly has been directing the focus of his art toward current manifestations of collective ideas such as God and mammon, time and death, language and image.

With his serial form, Borower has discovered the ideal method for visually expressing the ubiquity of his chosen themes. Producing series has become a key element of his artistic concept, which includes incorporating text and numbers as well as scraping oil paint on the still-wet canvas. The resulting effects add intensity to the deliberate and unique deconstruction process which is a characteristic of Borower’s artistic approach.

With the carefully reflected execution of his «Pictures of Wine» paintings he gained recognition as the first artist to establish the subject of wine as a serious artistic theme. Borower’s work is represented in public and private collections worldwide.

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