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Armin Wydler
Portrait Armin Wydler (Biography)

Armin Wydler was born in 1939 in Arbon, Switzerland, and now lives and works in Zürich. Since 2002, he has been dedicating himself exclusively to drawing. After his education at the School for Applied Arts in St. Gallen, he studied at the School for Applied Arts in Zurich. He subsequently acted as the Art Director for his own advertising agency.

Over the years, Wydler has participated in several group exhibitions throughout the Zurich area. With his passion for detail and his exquisite use of the pencil, Wydler adds a precious subtlety to landscapes and everyday objects.

The quiet draftsman "A passionate draftsman, Armin Wydler immerses himself in subjects of daily life, lifting them from darkness into the light. His accomplished, realistic drawings depict a world where mundane occurrences gain greater meaning through his remarkable mastery of his craft. With exceptionally thin strokes of black and coloured pencils, delicate shapes and subtle shadings, he points to traits of poetic magic, even in objects of daily use".  Marielen Uster

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